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There are many reasons you need to sell your home quickly: you might be going through a divorce, it might be an unwanted inheritance, or you might dealing with a foreclosure and the home just isn’t worth fighting for. Whatever the reason may be, we’re ready to help you get cash for your home asap. 

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At RAFA we understand the stress of a problem property. That’s why unlike our competitors, we take a little longer in formulating an offer because if we can help you keep your home that is what we plan to do. All you have to do is fill out this easy, 2 minute questionnaire which will help us get you the most accurate estimate for your home.  Simply click the button below to get started.


Andrea F.

Andrea F.

Los Angeles, California

Milton is my hero. Words cannot describe what he has done for me. After my husband passed away, he left me a multi-family building in Chicago that had apparently racked up $8000 in fines and was on the verge of being demolitioned. I used to stay up at night and cry but then I came across a post on Facebook that changed my life. I met Milton in February of 2020 and within a few months he had removed all outstanding fines and legal fees, renovated the building, and put respectful, paying tenants that now generate me $4000 per month. He truly has changed my life. 

How It Works

1. Fill Out Form

1. Fill Out Form

Take 2 minutes to accurately fill out the form above. This will give us all the information we need to get the process started. This process takes about 24-48 hours.

2. Schedule Appointment

2. Schedule Appointment

Our intake team will reach out to you to schedule your in-person estimate. With Covid-19, our appointments are limited however we will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible. This usually takes about 2-3 days.

3. Formulate Offer

3. Formulate Offer

After our in-person estimate, we get the team together to go over all the details. We deliberate for a few days on what’s the best offer we can make to ensure a quick close. Formulating an offer usually only takes about 24 hours.

4. Get Cash Offer

4. Get Cash Offer

We have all the numbers we need, approval from our financing department, and we’re ready to make an offer. We meet in person, bring you an earnest money deposit, and give you the offer you’ve been waiting for. Getting the offer usually takes about 24 hours – the next available day you have.

Not Ready To Sell?

That’s okay, we have plenty of options that can help you keep your home. Our Consulting team is very skilled and highly innovative when it comes to designing creative real estate solutions to your distressed, vacant, or problem properties. Click below to set up a free no-obligation consultation with one of our consultants. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the RAFA Group to make me an offer?

Fill out the form above with as much accurate information as you can, if you need help – just give us a call or email!

Are there any fees or costs associated with selling my house?

No, the RAFA Group will make you an offer without real estate agent fees or commissions.

I need to sell my house fast. How long might it take for me to get an offer to sell my house?

Each and every deal is unique, so it’s difficult to gauge. However if the entire form is filled out and accurate it is entirely possible to get an offer in 48 hours

Can I get a cash offer if my house needs repairs?

Absolutely, we buy houses in as-is condition so there is no need to make repairs.

How long does it take to close?
It depends on your situation, but typically we can close within 7 to 14 days after a cash offer is received and accepted.
If I'm behind on my loan would I have to make another payment before I can receive a cash offer?
No. We often purchase homes that are behind on payments, in pre-foreclosure, or being foreclosed on.
Are there any fees or costs associated with selling my house?

No, the RAFA Group will make you an offer without real estate agent fees or commissions.

If I'm in foreclosure, would you still send in an offer to buy?
As long as the foreclosure has not been finalized (meaning the bank now owns it) we can still make an offer to buy the home.
If you buy my house before the bank forecloses, can I save my credit?
Selling your home before a foreclosure  judgement is filed will prevent a “foreclosure” from appearing on your credit report. This is better for your credit however it is difficult to say if it will save your credit. We do offer credit counseling though – check it out here.
Would you still buy my house if it was vacant?
Yes, the home can be in any condition and doesn’t matter if you’re the primary resident, there are tenants in the building, or it is vacant – we buy them all.
If my house is presently listed for sale with a real estate agent would you still buy my house?
Most likely you still need to pay your agent’s commission, but yes we can still purchase your home.
I've recently moved out of the I have to come back into town to do a closing?
No, you can complete your end of the closing locally at most attorneys’ offices or virtually. Your check can be mailed or deposited directly into your account.
My dilemma is that I owe more than my house is worth. Can you do something?
Yes but it’s not guaranteed. Unfortunately, however, this is common and we can work with you and your bank through a process called a “short sale” to buy your home.
Who typically sells houses to the RAFA Group?

People from all different backgrounds, income levels, and cities sell to the RAFA Group. The one thing they all share in common: They need to sell a house quickly, to a trusted home buyer who can make a reasonable cash offer and close on their schedule.

Here are a few cases that are behind peoples decisions to sell to us:

  • inherited a property and don’t have the time, means, or desire to look after it. They’re looking to sell quickly.
  • They have a rental property with problem renters.
  • They’re relocating or got transferred for work. Sometimes they even buy in their new city!
  • They might be going through a divorce.
  • Their financial situation changed and are now falling behind on mortgage payments – even facing possible foreclosure.
  • Their home or inherited property has structural or repair issues that are outside their budget or interest to fix.
  • Sometimes its as simple as they’re moving, but don’t want to mess with repairs, painting, or cleaning.
  • …and many more

If you find yourself in one of these situations, fill out the form above and let us show you how we can help.

What is an "ugly house"?

The phrase ‘We Buy Ugly Houses’ stems from houses that are either in poor condition or, for one reason or another, might not be attractive to most buyers or even the seller. This includes some of the following reasons:

  • Houses with serious structural issues such as foundation, roof, plumbing, HVAC, or electrical problems.
  • Houses located in underserved or neighborhoods with high crime rates.
  • Houses with high-interest rates or undesirable mortgage financing.
  • Houses with monthly payments or outstanding balances that are too high for the owner to handle.
  • Houses that have bad memories for the homeowner, such as a death, divorce, or tragedy.
  • Houses that have been out-grown —  too small or belongs to empty nesters and is now too big, located in an inconvenient area, and so on.
What if my home isn't considered an "ugly" house?

We still want to hear from you. Our buyers are interested in any houses that might be good investments, regardless of condition, location, or complications. If you’re looking to close quickly, give us a call

How does the house buying process work?

We follow a quick and simple process that makes things easy for sellers:

  1. FILL OUT THE FORM TO SCHEDULE A VISIT. Give us a little information about your house, situation, and yourself by using the contact form on this website.
  2. GET A CASH OFFER. A local representative in Chicago or Milwaukee will contact you to arrange a visit. Our specialist will answer any questions you have about our home buying process as well as evaluate the condition of your house. If our team concludes that your home would be a good fit for someone else, you’ll get a cash offer for your house.
  3. CLOSE ON YOUR SCHEDULE. You are under no obligation to accept the cash offer. But if you do decide you want to sell your house to us, we’ll set up a closing time that works for you. This way you can get your cash and move on as quickly as you wish.
Will you pay the market value price for my house?

After buying thousands of homes, we have our cash offer process down to a science. Before making you an offer, our team in Chicago or Milwaukee will evaluate a number of factors, including the following:

  • The current condition of your home.
  • The approximate cost of repairs and renovations required.
  • How long it will take to renovate your house.
  • The future “After-Repair Value” of your house, compared to other homes in the area.
  • How much goes to real estate commissions required to sell the home after the renovation.
  • The cost of maintaining the house until it’s ready to sell, including insurance, utilities, taxes, loan payments, and more.

The estimated future “After-Repair Value” of your renovated house, minus these costs, helps us arrive at the cash offer that we make.

Do you buy condos and other types of homes?
Yes. We buy condos and townhouses sometimes, but we specialize in Single Family homes, duplexes, multi-tenant buildings, and commercial properties.
Do you buy mobile homes?
Unfortunately we do not buy single mobile homes however we do buy mobile home parks.
Do you charge a fee for the in-person estimate?
Absolutely not. We do this entirely at no charge.
Is there a charge for cash offers or scheduling an in-person visit?
Never. We don’t ever charge for a cash offer or for scheduling a visit.
Who is the RAFA group?

The RAFA Group is a collective of real estate investors, consultants, contractors, and artists based in Chicago, IL & Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our team is built up of a network of real estate professionals who realized that they would benefit from uniting together under a common brand. Working together allows us to promote their business and reach new sellers and buyers more efficiently.

Is HomeVestors a legitimate company?
While we cannot confirm nor deny this having never worked with them before, their website claims to have “been in business more than 20 years, and over 100,000 homeowners have trusted us to work with their unique situations and buy their homes quickly and as promised.” Let us know your experience, hopefully it’s positive but if not we’d be happy to change that.
How can I sell my home quickly?

Just call us or use our online form. Your local RAFA Chicago or Milwaukee representative will schedule an appointment to meet you and see your house. Often, you’ll receive a cash offer on the spot, and we can close in as few as three weeks.

How can I sell my house quickly in a slow buyer's market?

We buy “ugly” houses in all market conditions. We’re buyers you can trust to make you a respectable offer and close quick.

Should I fix my house before I sell it?

Nope, if you’re selling to the Rafa Group in Chicago or Milwaukee we will buy your house just the way it is. So don’t worry -you won’t have to repair anything or even sweep the floor!

What is the fastest way to sell a home for cash?

As soon as you accept our firm cash offer, we can close in as little as three weeks. How’s that for fast?!

How long does it take to get the money deposited once an offer is accepted?

Unlike other methods and buyers, the RAFA Group has a simple process that can get cash in your hands as fast as three weeks from when you accept our firm, no-obligation cash offer.

Can I sell my home to you if I'm behind on payments?

Since we can close in as fast as three weeks, we might have your cash in hand even before you miss the next payment and help you avoid foreclosure altogether!

Do you buy homes that are in pre-foreclosure?

Each situation is unique, and the RAFA Group works with each homeowner individually to create custom solutions. With over 50 years of combined experience we’ve dealt with just about anything you might encounter. Let’s talk about what you’re up against and make a plan to help you avoid foreclosure.

Ready to get your cash offer?

Don’t wait until the bank or city takes or demolishes your house to start. Fill out our 2 minute form today and get an offer in as little as a few days. Click below to get started!

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