Real Estate Development With A Purpose.

The RAFA Group is a Real Estate Development Company that

aims to re-build the underserved communities in the Rust Belt.

RAFA is a Chicago-based Real Estate Development Firm specializing in underserved communities in the Midwest. We’re re-thinking the world around us by deconstructing the society we live in, and re-imagining how neighborhoods can gentrify from within. Our goal is to bring back life and economic growth to cities as Chicago and Milwaukee by transforming distressed homes into affordable housing, creating innovative opportunities to attract businesses and create jobs, and syndicating developments that allow community members to start and grow their own businesses. Click below to read our story and exactly how we plan on achieving this. PS – don’t forget to subscribe!



If you need to sell your home, you go to a realtor. If you need a mortgage, you’ll use a loan officer. But where do you go if you have any other real estate problems?

Turn-Key Acquisitions


Whether you’re an investor or a renter dreaming of owning a home, we can help you with credit repair, financing, education, design, construction, and more.

Commercial Development

Covid-19 shook the world. For the first time in history every person on the planet felt the same thing. But how do we move forward in the new normal? We have some ideas…



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